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After being introduced to ceramics at Bennington College in the late '60s, Catherine Satterlee worked in the contemporary art and design world as a graphic designer, a painter for twenty years, and as a member of the exhibitions team at the Hirshhorn Museum. Every so often she returned to ceramics.  But in 2014, having retired, traveled, and considered her future, it occurred to her that now was the time to get involved with ceramics again.  At first it was a once-a-week open studio session at a local recreation center; now it's four days a week at the Lee Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia, where she was accepted as a member of the Open Studios Program. She feels incredibly lucky to have found her medium at this stage of life. Ceramics feels like home to her, and the awareness of the limited amount of time left in her life to work with clay lends a delicious urgency to her labors.

In the past several years her work has been included in several exhibitions, and she will be participating in two large shows this fall.

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